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how we do it

A Good Question draws from extensive on-the-ground experience in non-profit work to create practical, clear, and grounded solutions.


We haven’t always been consultants; we know what it’s like to plan and implement programs. We know how vulnerable it can feel to have your efforts examined. We partner with you to efficiently and collaboratively gather, analyze, and put data to use to support your vision for social change. Our approach is…



An effective conversation starts with A Good Question (hence the name). We will work with you to identify and sharpen the right questions.



You are the expert on your work and your organization’s capacity. We will collaborate with you throughout the project to ensure that the solutions we create together are feasible for your context and sustainable in the years to come.



We use a variety of facilitation methods to ensure the meaningful participation of community members, staff, and other interested parties of any project.



Even the best-laid plans sometimes change. We communicate closely with you throughout a project to ensure that we remain aware of and responsive to changes in your program, organization, and/or partnerships.



We have seen enough evaluation reports and planning documents gathering dust. We will work with you to co-interpret and plan for the use of the knowledge that we discover.



Our commitment to equity starts with awareness of the extractive, racist, and exclusionary history of research and evaluation. We work to counter that history by practicing in a way that centers community agency and ensures that results are useful and usable. We practice evaluation and planning for learning first and accountability second.

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