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Program monitoring and evaluation is the systematic examination of community initiatives in which we ask and answer essential questions: What changes are you trying to achieve? For whom and with whom? How do we know it’s working? What are the clearest ways to communicate data and support decision making? We gather data to support learning and improvement as well as accountability to funders. We help you make decisions through:


evaluation planning

plannning strategy design.png

We facilitate participatory planning processes to help you design initiatives aligned with your mission, refine existing programs, and articulate organizational strategy. Throughout the process, we aim to infuse decision making with data insights and discover clarity amidst the complexity. We support inquiry through:


theory of change design

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We provide tailored and accessible training opportunities to support you and your team in asking and answering good questions. Services include group workshops and one-on-one coaching and technical assistance, delivered in person or online. Ask us about training and coaching in:

survey design


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